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[ADVOCACY] SERI, Izwi Domestic Workers Alliance and Hlanganisa Community Fund host workshop on gender-based violence in the workplace for domestic workers (29 November 2023).

SERI IZWI Hlanganisa GBworkshop

As part of the SERI's Women’s Spaces Project, SERI, together with Izwi Domestic Worker Alliance and Hlanganisa Community Fund hosted an in-person workshop on gender-based violence (GBV) in the workplace on Saturday, 18 November 2023. The focus of the workshop was on the experiences of domestic workers who experience GBV in their place of employment.

The workshop was attended by 24 domestic workers from different areas and backgrounds including both the inner-city as well as informal settlements. The workshop aimed to facilitate meaningful discussion, spread awareness as well as to connect the domestic workers to reporting avenues and identifying more conspicuous forms of gender-based violence that domestic workers could find themselves vulnerable to when working in someone else’s home. The various sessions covered in the workshop were held on defining gender-based violence in the employment context, personal stories and experiences as well as where and how to report instances of GBV.