Dineo big

Candidate Attorney

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Dineo Phalane joined SERI in 2021 as a Candidate Attorney. Prior to this, Dineo worked as a field worker on numerous SERI cases and projects since 2018. She holds BA (Political Studies and Philosophy) and LLB degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). During her time at Wits she served in the Law School Council subcommittee as well as the Student Representative Council subcommittee. Dineo’s growing interest in the effective recognition and implementation human rights was sparked by her own lived reality and her exposure to SERI’s work. Specifically, she values her experiences in SERI’s ongoing evictions mapping project which seeks to investigate the extent to which legislative protections offered by the PIE Act, section 26 of the Constitution and Constitutional Court precedent are being applied to prevent the homelessness of vulnerable evictees in the inner-city of Johannesburg. She plans to further her studies by specifically basing her research on the amendment of section 25 and its interactions with rights contained in section 26 of the Constitution.