SERI acts for the residents of Ingelosi House situated in Hillbrow, Johannesburg in an application to enforce an order granted by the Johannesburg High Court, directing the City of Johannesburg to provide the residents with alternative accommodation. There are 21 households on the property, comprising about 90 people, including 37 children.  Many of the families have been living on the property for over eight years. 

SERI previously acted for the residents in an application for leave to appeal against an eviction order granted in the Gauteng Local Division of the High Court on 28 May 2014.  The appeal was heard before a full bench of the Johannesburg High Court and on 19 May 2017 the court set aside the eviction and remitted the matter back to the High Court.

On 16 April 2018, the High Court granted the eviction of the residents by 30 November 2018 on condition that the City provides the residents with alternative accommodation at least one month before the eviction. The court thus ordered the municipality to provide alternative accommodation to the residents by 31 October 2018. Furthermore, the court ordered the City to provide the residents, in writing, the nature and location of the alternative accommodation that will be provided by 31 August 2018.

The City failed to comply with the order and on 20 December 2018, SERI filed an application to enforce the order directing the City of Johannesburg to provide our clients at Ingelosi House with alternative accommodation.