ponte edOn Friday SERI, in partnership with the Inner City Federation, launched it’s latest publication focussing on the Inner City Federation. This publication, entitled “Inner-City Federation: Fighting for Decent Housing in Inner-City Johannesburg” forms part of SERI’s on-going documentation of community-based organisations and social movements. It provides a brief background to the challenges facing low-income tenants and unlawful occupiers in inner-city Johannesburg. It also summarises the key events in the struggles of poor inner-city residents to resist evictions, harassment and displacement; establish and maintain effective self-management structures in dilapidated inner-city buildings; collectively mobilise residents; and advocate for decent housing. The note examines the strategies and tactics of the Inner-City Federation.

On 2 December 2018, the Daily Maverick’s Ntakeko Mabasa wrote this article which provides insight on the content of the publication and sheds more light the on-going battle for affordable housing in the inner-city of Johannesburg .  

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