This is SERI's second newsletter of 2019. In it we present a few highlights from our work since June 2019. Since its inception, SERI has undertaken over 500 litigious matters on behalf of hundreds of thousands of people and provided non-litigious support to many more. SERI currently has 97 active cases through which we assist communities to resist evictions and secure basic services in their homes in informal settlements and inner city buildings; to safeguard their right to participation; hold duty bearers to account and defend their right to work. 

We have also furthered our research and advocacy work, and participated in a number of exciting civil society and government engagements. Among these, we have, in partnership with the South African Local Government Association (SALGA), engaged the MMC of Economic Development and officials from the City of Johannesburg on constitutional and case law implications for the regulation of informal traders, including foreign nationals. We co-hosted a seminar with the South African Cities Network (SACN) on the exclusionary consequences of municipal revenue incentives. We presented at an international conference in Nairobi, Kenya on the management of public assemblies and commemorated the seventh anniversary of the Marikana massacre. We furthered our advocacy work on urban land reform by contributing to the final report by the Expert Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture. 

We launched four new research reports on Informal Settlements in South Africa and released a mini-documentary and policy brief on sanitation for women with disabilities living in informal settlements. 

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