Salga Workshop

SALGA is leading a series of dialogues with municipalities to feed into a Position Paper on the Role of Local Government in the Informal Economy. Municipal local economic development, environmental health, policing, planning and tourism officials from metropolitan and secondary city municipalities in Gauteng gathered on 3 and 4 October to reflect on the challenges, opportunities, strategies, tools and priorities to foster enabling regulation and actions. 

Oniah Nkosi, project coordinator of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) kick started the discussions: “The informal economy is an economy. In many countries, it is bigger than the formal economy. In all countries, it puts food on the table. It produces graduates. It can and must be decent work. Whether you are in local economic development, health, finance, planning or safety and security, ask yourself – what does my office do to achieve the NDP imperatives?” 

SERI serves on the Steering Committee for the development of SALGA’s position paper. 

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