ClarkCirolia BriefingFrom 12 to 14 February 2018, SERI's director of research and advocacy, Alana Potter, is attending and participating in a national workshop on poverty and inequality hosted by the Mandela Initiative in Cape Town. The workshop brings together government officials, academics, researchers, business leaders and civil society representatives to analyse the current South African political and economic context and develop collaborative strategies on how to advance the goal of eliminating poverty and reducing inequality in South Africa. The workshop aims to reinvigorate the debate on the urgent need for social and economic change and allow those present to critically engage on a number of cross-cutting themes that are linked to poverty and inequality.

In preparation for the national gathering, the Mandela Initiative commissioned a series of briefing papers on cross-cutting themes that contribute to poverty and inequality to inform their draft synthesis report for the workshop. SERI, in collaboration with the African Centre for Cities (ACC), authored the briefing paper on urban land.

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  • Read the Mandela Initiative's draft synthesis report (which will be finalised after the gathering) here.
  • Read SERI and the ACC's briefing paper on urban land here