The Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa (SERI) is launching two new publications: A Double Harm: Police Misuse of Force and Barriers to Necessary Health Care Services (a report documenting the disporpotionate and illegal use of force by the police during student protests) and Student Protests: A Legal and Practical Guide (a user-friendly guide to the law governing protests, interdicts and the use of force by the police and private security).

These publications aim to create awareness of the rights and obligations of those involved in student protests to encourage students, university administrators, police and private security officials to respect human rights and mitigate the disproportionate and unlawful use of force.

The launch will include a panel discussion between student first aid volunteers, human rights lawyers who provided legal assistance to students during the protests, human rights researchers with extensive experience in document human rights abuses and physicians.

The launch will take place at the Trinity Residence Hall of the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Braamfontein on 31 October 2017, 16h00 to 18h00.

  • Download the invitation here.


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