SERI's candidate attorney, Lwazi Mtshiyo, and SERI's litigation intern, Keaton Allen-Gessesse, recently contributed a blogpost to the Bertha Foundation's blog, Bertha Blog. The post deals with the challenges posed by state-run urban regeneration initiatives and gentrification in Johannesburg, and how SERI uses film as a powerful tool to document the struggles of poor and marginsalised people resisting gentrification.

In the blogpost Mtshiyo and Allen-Gessesse write that: "...[t]he challenges faced by the poor cannot be solved if the City [of Johannesburg] only responds to lawsuits and individual eviction cases. Gentrification’s detrimental consequences require broader, well-coordinated policies by the state – particularly providing guaranteed affordable housing. Until this happens, residents on the brink of homelessness and human rights lawyers will continue to strategically use the law to the keep a roof over their heads."

  • Read the full blogpost here.
  • Watch SERI's short film, The Road Homehere.