Today in the Daily Maverick SERI's research associate, Michael Clark, and SERI's director of research and advocacy, Alana Potter, wrote an op-ed about farm evicrions and how farm dwellers can resist them.

Many evictions from farms are illegal. Farm dwellers can resist them and can insist on the protection of their rights. Knowledge of the law is a useful tool that enables farm dwellers to assert their rights, and enables community advice officers and legal supporters to make the best use of the legislation intended to protect farm dwellers’ tenure and livelihoods security.

It is in this light that SERI has developed a new guide on resisting evictions from farms. SERI's guide provides clear information on the law relating to evictions together with practical advice on how to resist them. The guide aims to assist people in knowing and defending their rights. This would enable many to negotiate more effectively for compensation or ensure that they are not evicted without being provided with alternative housing. With the launch of its new guide on resisting evictions, SERI hopes to expand the number of people who are able to defend themselves against evictions and hold farm owners to account.

  • Read the full op-ed here.
  • Download the evictions guide here.