SERI argued Dladla in February in the Constitutional Court. The case has far-reaching implications for housing jurisprudence in South Africa, and evictees' rights in alternative accommodation.

Edward Molopi and Syabonga Mahlangu have written an op-ed in todays's Business Day on the importance of the case, and some of the difficult realities of life in the inner city. Syabonga is the Secretary for the Inner City Federation, a coallition of inner city tenants in Johannesburg who organise around shared struggles.

Molopi and Mahlangu argue that: "Almost 50% of the inner-city population earns less than R3,500 per month and cannot afford to pay the high rental demanded by the property market. Due to a lack of affordable alternatives, many people reside informally in the inner city and are prone to evictions by the municipality and private landlords. When evicted, the city-provided temporary alternative accommodation is their only option to avoid homelessness.

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